February 29, 2012

Quick Thoughts: COUGAR TOWN, "Lover's Touch"

I think I'm going to have to come to terms with the fact that Cougar Town's no longer my kind of show. After two episodes that were lackluster, "Lover's Touch" was a new low because I didn't laugh while watching it ... at all.

Since I hate Jules Cobb with every fiber of my being, I knew this episode was in trouble when it because clear that it was going to revolve around her and her unhealthy attachment to Travis. I swear that relationship has to be the most disturbing one ever filmed for television, and I will never understand it or be OK with it. Even the heartfelt moments, like her speech about how she'll always worry about him, didn't land because of how creepy their bond is. Ugh. Don't get me started on how bad I feel about Grayson now that she's in wedding planner mode.

Speaking of Grayson, I usually get some enjoyment out of watching him and the rest of the guys, but they couldn't even save this episode. I was somewhat glad that the writers tried to add to the Grayson and Andy relationship because it's one that gets lost in the shuffle, but even they came off as inappropriate and off-putting, and the fact that they have to go to a dog park to get the affection they need was just pathetic.

Other duds: Dominance ball's not as funny as the show thinks it is, Travis in a helmet's just a dumb idea, and I hated how poorly they treated Tom (kind of like how I felt bad for Grant on Happy Endings). And what was with Ellie and Laurie talking about Andy's feet? Just more random silliness from a show that's starting to come undone.

Yes, I'm being harsh on Cougar Town, and I'm sure most fans will disagree with me, but the reason why I'm so irked is because this show had so much potential. Once it shook off its horrendous premise and became about friends hanging out, it became one of the better comedies on TV, but it's veering off into a level of absurd that I cannot get on board with. The fact that Happy Endings has started to lap Cougar Town isn't helping either.


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