February 29, 2012

Quick Thoughts: WHITE COLLAR, "Judgment Day"

While the second half of White Collar's third season had its share of ups and downs, it was able to wrap up everything quite nicely with "Judgment Day" because it brought the focus back to the relationship between Neal and Peter.

For the record, I've felt that Season 3 hit a roadblock when the show started to focus on Neal's commendation instead of the stolen treasure because it lacked a sense of romanticism in spite of the fact that this final arc was more character driven. Thankfully, the writers brought back Agent Kramer to be the final foil because he decent adversary, but him wanting to take Neal back to Washington didn't make much sense in my opinion. Silly motivations aside, Kramer's pursuit of Neal, and the tension between him and Burke was good stuff.

As for Neal leaving the country with Mozzie while Peter vouched for him, that's going to lead to an interesting fourth season because I'm not quite sold that Peter knew what Neal was going to do, and more than likely his job will be on the line. There just seems like a lot of potential since I have a feeling that the majority of Season 4 will focus on Burke tracking Caffery down yet again.

Overall, I can forgive Season 3 of White Collar for running out of steam towards the end because it started off and ended on a high note. Plus, it was able to get me pumped for Season 4 which is always a good sign.


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