May 16, 2012

TV Upfronts: CBS' 2012-2013 Fall Schedule

When you're the most-watched U.S. network, you have the luxury of coasting along and not shaking things up which was the exact approach CBS took when putting together its 2012-2013 schedule. The biggest bit of news had to do with 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men and The Mentalist both getting new homes, but even those moves lacked any real pizzazz or risk.

2012-2013 Fall Line-up (NOTE: New shows are in UPPER CASE and times are Eastern Standard)

8-8:30p: How I Met Your Mother
8:30-9p: PARTNERS
9-9:30p: 2 Broke Girls
9:30-10p: Mike & Molly
10-11p: Hawaii Five-0

Initial Thoughts: Mondays have become to CBS what Thursdays used to be for NBC, so the fact that the comedy line-up stayed in tack is by no means a shock. What is interesting is Two and a Half Men being shipped to another night and 2 Broke Girls taking its place. I understand that 2BG was last year's comedy darling for the network, but it's still not proven enough to take over the mantel. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if this ends up being a brilliant move by CBS are a bust.

8-9p: NCIS
9-10p: NCIS: Los Angeles
10-11p: VEGAS

Initial Thoughts: Yawn! The NCIS franchise has become the new crown jewel of CBS, so there was no chance the two shows would be moving, and sticking Vegas at the 10 o'clock hour's really not all that exciting either since it's a hole that needed to be filled.

8-9p: Survivor
9-10p: Criminal Minds
10-11p: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Initial Thoughts: Double yawn since this is the exact same schedule CBS has right now. I was sure CSI: Original Recipe would have been shipped off to a new night (Fridays) to make run for a new drama, but I guess CBS figured things were just fine on Wednesday nights.

8-8:30p: The Big Bang Theory
8:30-9p: Two and a Half Men
9-10p: Person of Interest

Initial Thoughts: Pretty much everyone thought that CBS would expand its Thursday night comedy block so it could crush NBC once and for all, so I'm a little surprised that the Eye's just sticking to an hour. Big Bang staying put makes sense, but having it lead into Two and a Half Men says more about the latter than anything else. It used to be this network's bread and butter, and now it needs to be propped up by its little brother. Since Person of Interest was one of the few dramatic hits of last season, I was sure that it would get a better time slot, but it looks like CBS is banking on Elementary to be a more accessible hit.

8-9p: CSI: NY
10-11p: Blue Bloods

Initial Thoughts: Honesty, I don't have much to say about this night. I did expect CBS to put some shows out to pasture on Fridays (CSI and Good Wife), but once again the network didn't feel the need to shake things up.

8-11p: Crimetime Saturday

7-8p: 60 Minutes
8-9p: The Amazing Race
9-10p: The Good Wife
10-11p: The Mentalist

Initial Thoughts: I did not see The Mentalist to Sundays coming because I figured it still had some life, and Sundays tend to be a problematic night for CBS. Again, I was sure The Good Wife was going to be shipped off to Fridays, so I'm a little surprised that its staying put although I shouldn't be.

Mid-Season: Friend Me, Golden Boy, The Job and Undercover Boss

There's a reason why I don't watch a ton of CBS. Its shows tend to be to formulaic and now their schedule reflects the same monotony, but you really can't blame the Eye for playing it safe because it's worked so well up to date.


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