May 17, 2012

TV Upfronts: The CW's 2012-2013 Fall Schedule

Upfront Week wrapped up with The CW announcing its 2012-2013 schedule, and from the looks of it Supernatural fans have a lot to thankful for as it gets shifted out of the Friday death slot (despite the fact that it did fairly well there). Also, The CW will be rolling out its new slate of shows in October instead of September which could work in its benefit ... in theory. Other than that, it's a pretty straight forward line-up from the networklet.

2012-2013 Fall Line-up (NOTE: New shows are in UPPER CASE and times are Eastern Standard)

8-9p: 90210
9-10p: Gossip Girl

Initial Thoughts: OK, The CW made some other changes besides just moving Supernatural out of Fridays. Gossip Girl's been in the 8pm on Mondays spot since 2008, so the fact that it's being pushed back to 9pm for its final season feels like its more for The Carrie Diaries' benefit since it will take over at mid-season. 90210's also been a Tuesday night staple, so its move to Mondays seems like a tactical move to help launch the aforementioned Sex and the City prequel.

8-9p: Hart of Dixie
9-10p: EMILY OWENS, M.D.

Initial Thoughts: Lady doctors are going to be taking over The CW's Tuesday nights as the new Emily Owens, M.D. (formally known as First Cut) teams up with Hart of Dixie, which makes a lot of sense, but you have to wonder if they are TOO similar. I'm all for tonal consistency, but pairing up shows that also have similar subject matters could be hit or miss.

8-9p: ARROW
9-10p: Supernatural

Initial Thoughts: For years, the combination of Smallville and Supernatural was one of the most consistent for The WB/The CW, so it's not a shocker that Arrow will be joining SPN on Wednesday nights. Let's just hope the latter proves that it's worthy of its new home.

8-9p: The Vampire Diaries

Initial Thoughts: It's logical that The CW would use its flagship show to launch new ones, but it hasn't been able to find anything that could hold on to The Vampire Dairies' audience. Nikita and The Secret Circle weren't able to capitalize on their lead-in, but maybe Beauty and the Beast will be able to break the trend.

8-9p: America's Next Top Model
9-10p: Nikita

Initial Thoughts: Maybe if I actually watched Top Model, I'd be more inclined to comment on its move to Fridays, but I don't so I'm not. It does make a bit of sense though since reality shows cost less than scripted, so a dip in ratings won't kill ANTM, but moving your signature reality program to the "death slot" is also a bit odd. Honestly, I'm just glad Nikita's back, but it's not moved into an even more competitive hour as it takes on Fringe and Grimm.

Mid-Season: The Carrie Diaries an Cult

For the most part, The CW's new schedule makes sense, but I'm not it's going to be enough to fix the network's ratings issues. Then again, I don't know what will help The CW at this point.


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