September 25, 2012

Quick Thoughts: CASTLE, "After the Storm"

One of my favorite shows returned, and while that's usually a reason to celebrate, I have to admit that Castle's fifth season premiere was entertaining but also underwhelming.

What I look for from Castle are relationships and humor, and thankfully we got both of those elements in spades. The opening bit when Rick and Kate realized what they did and how he overreacted to Martha showing up which led to her hiding in his closet was gold (as were her miffed reactions). The sheer comedy was enough to suck me in, but we also got some serious conversations about where they stand which was refreshing since those kinds of talks are usually pushed back. Not only did we get some solid Caskett moments, but I was intrigued by the rift between Ryan and Esposito. Oddly, it's nice to see them on the outs because it adds some depth to their partnership/friendship and I'll be rewarding when they kiss and make up.

On the flipside, the case of the week should have been the episode's key part since it was Beckett-heavy and we finally got some progress in regards to her mother's murder, but some of the machinations were silly even by TV procedural standards. Rick just stumbles across the piece of paper that led them to the abandoned building. Ryan was able to smuggle out a bag full of paper bits for a late night puzzle session. A high-and-mighty politician's been behind it the entire time. Everything just felt either too convenient or cliche. That said, that wasn't my biggest issue with the episode.

One of the most frustrating things these kind of shows do is backtrack from an interesting idea. White Collar has done it this season. Apparently, so has Bones, and now it's Castle's turn. The concept of Kate being off the force had some potential. Now, logically I get that this show would not work if she was just a civilian and she needs to be on the force, but having her resignation just tossed aside after an episode felt safe and made her blow up moot in the first place. It was all so anti-climactic as was the eventual tryst between Rick and Kate.

Sure, shippers probably freaked out at the end of last season when she showed up at his door and probably did so even more when she walked into his bedroom at the start of the episode. The thing is, I found myself not really caring one way or another. Castle wasted too much time keeping these two apart that when they did finally give in, it didn't make as much of an impact on me because my investment in them as a couple had plummeted. Yes, I'm happy that they're getting it on with each other, but we know the inevitable split is coming because these kind of shows need tension, and this show insists on using a by-the-numbers approach to television writing. Is the show still entertaining and fun? Sure, but it's also getting repetitive and stale.

Ultimately, I'm happy that Castle's back for a fifth season (and maybe its last based on the premiere ratings) because sometimes familiar is comforting and good, but it's running the risk of becoming too complacent in its storytelling which can be equally as frustrating and a disservice. But the show knows what it wants to be and is somewhat sucessfull at being just that, and I'm in for the season. I just wish some risks will be taken.


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