September 25, 2012

Quick Thoughts: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, "Farhampton"

At this point, the show should rename itself to How We Spun Our Wheels For So Long and Alienated Our Viewers because the Season 8 premiere of HIMYM was more of the same nonsense that has infuriated me over the past two plus seasons.

Let me just be clear right off the bat, I didn't like anything about this episode so if readers are looking for me to look at the bright side, then I'd suggest they check out a different write-up. And on with the bitter rant.

When HIMYM plays with time, it's an indicator that we're in for a pointless ride towards nowhere because Thomas and Bays have yet to figure out that they've ruined their own gag beyond repair. It's a tell-tale sign that we're going to get stupid relationship malaise that doesn't add to the story or characters, but is there just to prolong the show's concept which has not been relevant for years. What's even more frustrating was the fact that this show used 49 episodes to progress the Barney's wedding arc (that was introduced during the Season 6 premiere) a few hours. If that's not a stall tactic, I don't know what is.

Pointless delays in storytelling aside, "Farhampton" just wasn't funny. Marshall and Lily's sleep deprived state was tedious and never once made me laugh. Robin once again being painted as a sad sack loser (until the show did a complete 180 by bringing back the cylon for no apparent reason) was infuriating. And to top it off, the show took one of its few likable characters in Victoria and ruined her. The sole highlight was Barney's summation of the non-sense that led us to where we are today, but that had more to do with Neil Patrick Harris than anything else. What an utter waste of talent and time.

I've thrown away so much time watching this show that I cannot quit it now, but by god I hope that this is the show's final season because I don't know how much more of it I can take.


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