September 25, 2012

Quick Thoughts: PARTNERS and 2 BROKE GIRLS Premieres

It's very clear that I'm not in CBS' core audience, but I still felt the need to check out its newest Monday night comedy (Partners) and its break-out hit from last season (2 Broke Girls). Let's just say, I'm still not in CBS' core audience after watching them.

Partners has a decent enough premise, two best friends with different sexual orientations and how they impact each other's relationships, but none of it felt particularly ground breaking. We've seen this kind of show with two straight besties, so making one gay could be seen as a step towards progress, but Michael Urie's Louis doesn't stray too far from the typical stereotypes and lacks depth. That said, I didn't find him insufferable but he was awfully self-centered and annoying. I also didn't quite buy his friendship with the David Krumholtz's character, but I did like his scenes with Sophia Bush. As for Brandon Routh... yeah. This one was labeled as one of the worst new shows of the season, and while I wouldn't go that far it wasn't funny and not for me. Skip.

Last year, I gave 2 Broke Girls a decent shot to wow and it failed. Then, I gave it a chance to find itself and become somewhat passable. And it failed again. I did this for its entire run, and for some reason I decided to torture myself even more by coming back for Season 2. I thought maybe, just maybe, all of the negative feedback would sink in, but its strong ratings meant that it was content on being a horrible show. So, was "And the Secret Stash" an upgrade? Not really, but it wasn't as terrible as most of Season 1 thanks to the scenes involving Caroline's father. I don't know if I'll give it any more chances to annoy me, but there's something about it that just sucks me in. I have issues.

If it wasn't for How I Met Your Mother, I'd never tune into CBS and the rest of its Monday night line-up didn't convince me to change my habits which is funny since the Eye refuses to change any of its.


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