October 31, 2012

Quick Thoughts: BEN AND KATE, "Scaredy Kate"

It's a shame that Ben and Kate has not found a sizable enough audience to keep it going past its first season because the show's starting to find its groove. Once again, "Scaredy Kate" didn't stray too far from the typical Halloween episode routine, but there was so much to like about this one.

As always, Kate dancing will win me over, so her awkward Robot at the neighbor's party sealed the deal for me. Not only did I get a kick out of watching her dance, but Dakota Johnson's so great at her frazzled, socially inept yet still adorable routine that I can't help but be smitten by her time after time. Even though we've seen her be uncomfortable around men and hesitant to get back into the dating game, it works every time and I'm glad that Geoff Stults has found work on another FOX show that's not long for this world. I can't wait to see what's in store for these two.

Ben and Tommy getting high and trying to navigate their night could have been a slapsticky disaster, but I really enjoyed how it was used to set up some deeper issues that exist between the two best friends. Sometimes, Tommy's such a loyal friend that we forget that he had a life while Ben was away, and it was nice to see the show acknowledge his feelings and needs, and it was even better that Ben accepted them rather than disregard them. Good stuff from Nat Faxon and Echo Kellum.

Heck, I even liked BJ's sub-plot about her stealing from Kate's neighbors because in the end it had nothing to do with the premise. From the looks of it, the writers feel like BJ saying wholly inappropriate things to and about Maddie equal comedic gold, and while I do get a kick out of the shtick from time to time, it's not something I watch the show for. That said, Lucy Punch killed it tonight as her story commented on how Halloween affects the upbringing, socialization and sexualization of girls. Maybe the message of dressing daughters up in princesses costumes will lead them to a life of skankery was heavy handed and a little off center, but I applauded the show for taking that kind of stance.

Ultimately, "Scaredy Kate" was a solid half-hour of television that kept me laughing and it's always good when a comedy does just that.


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