October 31, 2012

Quick Thoughts: NEW GIRL, "Halloween"

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween themed episodes or the holiday for that matter, so being barraged by them in one night wasn't as fun as you'd might think, and New Girl's was one that I thought was good but not great.

To be fair, "Halloween" only used the holiday as a motif rather than a subject as all of our main characters had to face their relationship fears, and I'm more receptive when shows take this approach rather than just focusing on tricks, treats and slutty costumes. Out of all of the relationship stories, the one I couldn't really stand was Schmidts because he crossed the line from lovable d-bag to outright jerk. I get that he's still hung up on Cece and hasn't taken to her new relationship very well, but his non stop insults towards Robbie got old really fast. Also, what was the point of Winston and his girlfriend? We rarely saw them together, and when we did it was nothing but drama, so why should I care if they break up or not?

On the flipside, Jess and Nick's realization that what they thought they wanted didn't match up with what they actually wanted was a good one. Sure, it's just another step towards one another, and I'm still not opposed to their eventual pairing as long as it feels earned.

So, I can't rank "Halloween" up there with the all-time great New Girl episodes, but it accomplished its task in an efficient manner. Can't argue with results.


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