October 24, 2012

Quick Thoughts: NEW GIRL, "Models"

While "Models" was a pretty entertaining episode, it was mostly due to the boys upping their game compared to what Jess and Cece did.

Obviously, I loved everything that involved Schmidt, Nick and Winston because their story had it all. Since it's been well documented that I'm a sucker for dudes acting like a couple, Schmidt's hurt feelings and Nick's inability to understand where his friend was coming from was gold, but it was also nice seeing their history. And of course, that scene where all of the emotions came pouring out just killed.

As for the girls, their story was fine but it lacked the same emotional punch as their male counterparts. Comically speaking, it relied too much on broad stereotypes (Cece's model friend) or slapstickiness (Jess trying to model), but that was fine in the end since the rest of the ensemble brought the wit. At least we got a boob fight out of it.

It might sound like I wasn't all that jazzed about "Models," but I did really enjoy the episode. It just wasn't as strong as some of the others.


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