October 24, 2012

Quick Thoughts: THE NEW NORMAL, "The Godparent Trap"

I can't say that The New Normal is all that funny, but it does have something to say and that's somewhat commendable even if the messages are a tad heavy-handed. It is Ryan Murphy after all.

David and Bryan freaking out over finding godparents for their unborn child seemed like it came out of left field, but I appreciated the discussion about faith, religion and how the gay community can help shape both if they're willing to fight for change. Was it preachy? Sure, it was but not many shows will broach the topic and treat it with respect while also taking shots at organized religion. Plus, Andrew Rannells was pretty great.

There were a few rough patches though. The whole "replace a dead pet to full the kid" trick has been done way too many times, but at least the show had enough of a self-awareness to point that out. I'm also getting the feeling that the show has no idea how to use Goldie at this point. Her shaken faith in David and Bryan should've been the emotional center of the episode, but it didn't click because she's still not a fully developed character yet, so I didn't feel for her when she bared her insecurities to the guys. In the end, it just came off as forced.

It's clear that The New Normal doesn't want or need to be for everyone. Ryan Murphy and his collaborators want to make a show for them and those who get their voices and opinions, and that's fine since I do from time to time, but the lack of mainstream appeal can only go so far. But like I wrote earlier, at least it has something to say.


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