November 22, 2012

Quick Thoughts: DON'T TRUST THE B---- IN APARTMENT 23, "It's a Miracle..."

By far the craziest Thanksgiving episode of the night was Apartment 23's.

Chloe getting June to go to Thanksgiving dinner at her house so she could con money out of her parents was sick, sadistic, truthful and sweet all at the same time. The reality of it all is sometimes people do not get along with one or both of their parents but feel obligated to go through the motions especially when it comes to the holidays, so it was refreshing to see that kind of relationship within this kind of episode. And that fact that it was all a ruse to help out June was even better because I really did not see that one coming.

It's just too bad that James Van Der Beek and Luther were stuck in a subplot that didn't have the same amount of bite. Dawson using a homeless shelter for his own selfish reasons fit in perfectly on this show, but we didn't spend enough time with him and his man servant to get the full potential.

"It's a Miracle..." may have worked better if this was Apt. 23's second Thanksgiving episode so it could have utilized both stories more effectively, but alas this will probably be the only one so you can't blame the writers for going full boar.


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