November 22, 2012

Quick Thoughts: THE NEW NORMAL, "Pardon Me"

I don't know why but "Pardon Me" was by far my least favorite of all of the Thanksgiving episodes that aired this week.

On the surface, I got what the episode was saying about how a makeshift, extended family can be just as important as the one you have by blood, but there was an air of selfishness that rubbed me the wrong way. I shouldn't have been surprised since some of these characters have only cared about themselves since day one, but I just figured The New Normal would go all saccharine on us. I suppose I could commend the show for ditching the idea of coming together over the holidays and only sticking to those you get along with, but that message feels awfully hollow.

Usually, I don't need treacly, feel good comedies that only focus on happy stuff to entertain me, and sometimes dark and selfish works, but I don't know if it did this time around. Also, when did saving turkeys become a thing on TV?


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