January 22, 2013

Episode Review: JUSTIFIED, "Truth and Consequences"

Season 4 of Justified kept chugging along with another solid outing.

Raylan and Tim were sent to interview the widow of the man who didn't fall to his death to get some leads on his possible whereabouts. When the FBI showed up, she was spooked and ran off just to get kidnapped. As it turned out, her former husband had ties to the Detroit mafia and she was being tortured for information, but she was saved by the Marshals after Givens had a run in with the dirty fed who dropped by her house earlier. On top of that, Raylan was still dealing with the revelation that the woman he's been seeing has a brickhouse of a husband, and he learned that they had a history of robbing people but he was sent to prison after beating up a mark who got too handsy. Just when you thought things were looking up for our hero, he ended up being the latest victim of Lindsey and Randall, and they took off with the money he was saving up for the baby.

Elsewhere, Boyd was still butting heads with the new church in town. His first move was to bribe the preacher's sister, Cassie, but she turned down his first offer with hopes of more cash, but Crowder refused to be shaken down. Plan B was to send in his cronies to rough them up, but they stumbled into a snake pit where one was bitten multiple times, but somehow lived. Boyd realized that the snakes had been milked since they were used as props in the preacher's sermons, so he called out Billy in front of his congregation and challenged him to handle a newly captured serpent, but the sister came clean. Not to be humiliated, Billy insisted on picking up the snake anyway and it struck him. As Billy convulsed on the ground as Cassie cried for help, Boyd left the tent in shock.

Now, to be fair "Truth and Consequences" was not a groundbreaking episode of television. It was pretty clear to see the moves that both Raylan and Boyd were going to take in order to deal with their problems, but somehow the show still made everything feel exciting and new. Obviously, a lot of the credit has to go to Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins because their performances always elevate the familiar, but it was also just a very well-paced hour.

The only issue I had with it was it did feel a bit gratuitous at times, especially the violence. FOX's The Following has been taking its fair share of negative feedback because many feel it fetishizes and glorifies violence, but I'm curious to see if those same critics will take issue with what went down in "Truth and Consequences." Sure, the snake stuff paid off in the end, and it's hard to really compare what happened in the two shows, but did we really need to see the Detroit thug beat and threaten to rape a woman? Usually, I'm not squeamish when it comes to depictions of cruel acts, but it did strike a nerve this time, and I just hope the experts are willing to call out one of their darlings instead of just picking on the ones they don't like.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • In a new twist, Johnny's ready to fully turn on Boyd with the help of Wynn Duffy.
  • I know that Justified's been under-utilizing Rachel, but I hope the solution isn't for her to hook up with Raylan.
  • Seriously, I cannot get enough of Art, Raylan and Tim just doing their thing together.
  • Are the writers trying to get "Marshall stiffy" added to a drinking game or something?
  • Even though I should've seen it coming a mile away, I also fell for Lindsay
  • "Well, he's a lost cause and I still have some hope for you."
  • "He does something stupid everyday, can you be a little more specific?"
When you overlook some of the more uncomfortable moments and the use of some very tride-and-true plot devices, "Truth and Consequences" was another entertaining installment in what's shaping up to be one of Justified's most intriguing seasons. Like I said last week, it's still too early to tell where Season 4 will rank all-time, but so far so good.


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