January 22, 2013

Quick Thoughts: BEING HUMAN, "(Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

I wasn't quite sure if I wanted both Josh and Sally to be human so early on in the show's run, but it's starting to look like the decision will pay off in the short term. As for Aidan, I'm still intrigued by watching him and Henry living in world with tainted blood.

Let's dive into the latter part first. I think there is something inherently interesting about seeing those in power now struggling to make ends meet, and even though we didn't get to see too much of the supernatural hierarchy in Boston aside form the standard "vamps are at the top and wolves are at the bottom" trope that's permeated pop culture, this new world order could lead to some strong stories and make Aidan and Henry sympathetic for once. Speaking of those two, I also think that their relationship should be more captivating than it is, but I blame that on last year's weak arc, and I hope the writers are able to course correct.

Now onto the more problematic aspects of the season. I'm happy that Josh is finally human and that Sally's gotten a second chance at life, but I still wonder how long it's all going to last and if things are going to be reset to the status quo. I for one think that Josh's story could be elevated if he remains human, but I don't know if the same can be said about Sally. Sure, it's fun to see her in the flesh and indulge in human needs, but so far Human Sally's not as charming or interesting as Ghost Sally. I don't think she needs to die again, but something needs to be done. The one thing that doesn't need to happen is the Sally/Aidan hook-up that was hinted at. No, just no.

So far, I'm liking the new direction that Being Human's going in even though I cannot figure out where it's going, but I suppose that's half of the fun.


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