January 16, 2013

Quick Thoughts: Tuesday Night Comedies, Pt. 4

I still haven't found a groove yet, and it doesn't help that I recap both Happy Endings and Justified, so you're getting another catch-all entry. Sorry.

Ben and Kate: "Girl Problems"
I'm starting to think that the expectations that good television has to transcend the media is starting to affect my appreciation for Ben and Kate because I wanted "Girl Problems" to be more than a standard episode of a family sitcom instead of appreciating the fact that it was a very capable one. I never tire of Kate's awkwardness so her trying to be friends with Tommy's new girlfriend was golden even though it relied too much on clichés like insecurity and lack of honesty, but everything wrapped up nicely. Ben's tryst and how it impacted his business idea was also a little familiar, but it was nice seeing him excel at something. Also, I prefer BJ when she's on the sidelines and observing the action rather than being center stage, but that's probably just me.

Go On: "Gooooaaaallll Doll!"
In a lot of ways, this was the Go On episode that I've been waiting for since the very beginning. I finally got the Carrie-centric episode that I've been clamoring for, and it also expanded on the brief glimpse of chemistry she had with Ryan during "She's Got Cats." The funny thing is I found myself torn while watching because I've been more on-board with a Ryan and Carrie pairing than the alternative (which was brilliantly alluded to by Fausta), but I also enjoyed watching them be "girlfriends" and would hate to see that bond ruined thanks to sexual tension. Regardless, I was just happy to get more Carrie. As for Yolanda and Sonia, I could've done without their story, but I did get a kick out of Anne and Danny's color commentary during Lauren's verbal smackdown.

New Girl: "A Father's Love"
If Go On threw me for a loop, just imagine who confused I was by New Girl after it made me not hate the Cece/Schmidt drama for a split second. To be fair, my enjoyment had nothing to do with that relationship and everything to do with his new brohaimance with Robbie. Also, am I the only one who thinks that Cece's desire to be set-up via traditional means does not line-up with her as a person? I'm all for being true to your heritage, but I'm more supportive to being true to oneself. The main plot involving Nick, his dad, Jess and a horse didn't play as well, but I did appreciate that sweet moment between Nick and Jess at the very end. I still don't need them to be rushed into a relationship anytime soon, but I'm still in favor of them being together thanks to scenes like that.

The New Normal: "Stay-at-Home Dad"
I cannot blame those who gave up on The New Normal early on because it was a tad too preachy and abrasive, but I do think it's found the right balance between crazy social commentary, pop culture riffs and real heart. Bryan and David are at their most interesting when they're coming to terms with being fathers than having to put up with Jane (who was thankfully absent this time around), and I enjoyed watching them figure out how they'd handle being a stay-at-home dad. I'm also a sucker for when the show goes behind-the-scenes of Sing (naturally), so I was dying as Rocky filled in for Bryan. My only real gripe was the sappy narration at the end, which would've been nice and appropriate had it not be so dang saccharine and on the nose. Women are better than men, we get it.

Hopefully, over the next couple of days I'll figure out how I want to handle these shows since they make up such a big chunk of my TV watching rotation. I'd like to go back to individual posts, but I cannot commit just yet. What can I say? I'm horrible.


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