February 21, 2013

Quick Thoughts: COMMUNITY, "Conventions of Space and Time"

Once again, I'm fairly confident that I enjoyed "Conventions of Space and Time" more than die-hard Community fans, but that's fine because it made me laugh and that's all I asked of it.

I haven't been the biggest fan of the whole Inspector Spacetime gimmick because it's always felt a bit forced, so I wasn't expecting an entire episode taking place at a convention to be all that great, but I appreciated how it was only the setting for some deeper examinations of relationships such as Abed and Troy's and so forth and so on. I'm always a sucker for guy friends who act like a couple, so I liked watching Troy act like the "crazy girlfriend" while Abed was being wooed by the other fanatic. On top of that, we got a few more glimpses of Troy with Britta (and a lot more than just a glimpse of her), and while I'm still not loving them I'm warming up.

On the flipside, there was Jeff and Annie. I know that most critics, and probably fans, had an issue with Annie's behavior during this one, and I didn't. That said, I'm kind of over the idea of Annie and Jeff because it's been dragged out for way too long. Classic will they, won't they missteps. And like I said before, Jeff and Britta just pop more than him and Annie.

Most of the critics that I read and listen to pointed to this episode as an example of Community not being Community enough and how it's no longer the show that it used to be. That's fine, but it explains a lot if this is no longer the show it was in the past because I found myself liking more than episodes from previous seasons. Maybe Community's finally become the show I wanted it to be...


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