February 20, 2013

Quick Thoughts: Tuesday Night Comedies, Pt. 7

Now that my television watching rotation's significantly lighter on Tuesday nights due to the cancellations of Ben and Kate and Apartment 23, and Happy Endings exile to Fridays, I wanted to write individual reviews of the remaining comedies but that's not going to happen right now. Maybe next week... maybe.

New Girl: "Parking Spot"
Maybe it's because the plot was too frantic or maybe it's because I cannot relate to the importance of a parking spot since I don't live in L.A., but this episode didn't gel as much as previous ones. Sure, it was refreshing that Schmidt was brought in so soon, and I still think the writers are handling Jess and Nick well, but something was slightly off. Also, I wish Winston was incorporated more into the A-plot, and this could've been a great bottle episode, but they just had to separate him from the bunch and things suffered because of it.

Go On: "Go Deep"
I'm just going to say it; I don't care for Simone and it has nothing to do with the fact that I loathe Covert Affairs. She's just not an interesting character, and there are other characters I'd rather see Ryan with. Things are not helped by the fact that those in charge are forcing Mr. K down our throats. Then there was Lauren's B-plot, which I didn't care for because neediness is a quality I cannot stand when it comes to TV characters. And why are they side-lining Carrie even more? Yes, TO's funny but not enough to rob me of seeing Allison Miller. So, what I'm trying to say is I didn't care for this one.

The New Normal: "Dog Children"
"Dog Children" really had me torn. At first, I thought it was too silly with Bryan and David freaking out over their dog while Goldie was horny which only reminded me how Murphy and Adler have no idea how to use that character. Add Shania's rediculous obsession with Maggie Smith, and this episode lacked any real substance. But then the episode focused on the fears that come along with being a parent during that great scene between Bryan and the priest, and things fell into place. I've always said that New Normal's a better show when it gets off its soapbox and treats its characters like human being instead of mouthpieces, and "Dog Children" was a good example of what it's capable of.

Again, I'm going to try to put together individual write-ups in the near future... I just don't know how near that future's going to be. Stay tuned.


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