March 19, 2013

Episode Review: JUSTIFIED, "Decoy"

Things on Justified are steamrolling along now that the Drew Thompson mystery is over, and "Decoy" was easily the best episode of the season if not the past couple of years.

It's up to the U.S. Marshals to get Shelby/Drew Thompson out of Harlan County before the Detroit mob killed him. This conundrum led the feds pulling out all of the stops, which included a fake caravan led by Tim and Art that was ambushed by Colt while Givens and Rachel moved Shelby from place to place. Meanwhile, the Crowders decided to stand their ground and work for Theo Tonin rather than run, so it was up to Boyd to figure out how to find Drew before it was too late. Since he knew Raylan so well, he was able to pin point every stop they made. Unfortunately for the bad guys, they were not expecting Constable Bob to show up and prove his worth by taking a beating AND figuring out a way to get Drew out of town. When it was all said and done, Shelby/Drew was riding the rails out of Harlan with Rachel leaving Boyd and the mob empty handed.

There were so many things to like about this episode from Bob taking on one of Tonin's henchmen to the good guys outsmarting the villains at the very end, but by far the most entertaining parts had to do with the cat-and-mouse nature of the action between Raylan and Boyd and their constant one-up-manship. It's these kind of moments that make you realize how special this show truly is. Of course, the back and forth between Tim and Colt was also amazing and made all of the build up worth while, and we all know there's another epic showdown between the two of them to look forward to. Amazing stuff all around.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • Seriously, how badass was Bob?
  • Mike O'Malley was back as Nicky Augustine and did a wonderful job harassing Ava about her line of work, which was deflated by Johnny's deception and declaration of love. It's amazing that this is the same guy who plays Burt Hummel. Talk about range.
With only two episodes left, it looks like Justified's been able to refocus itself long enough to put its best foot forward and I cannot wait to see how the season ends.


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