March 19, 2013

Quick Thoughts: BEING HUMAN, "For Those About to Rot"

"For Those About to Rot" was one of those Being Human episodes that had me torn. On one hand, most of the Josh and Sally stuff worked, but then there was too many Aidan flashbacks which have been largely problematic this season.

I've slowly gotten on board with Sally's zombie arc this year, and one reason why I warmed to it was the additions of Nick and Stevie. By bringing those two in, it gave Sally more notes to play and Meaghan Rath has yet to disappoint. On top of it all, we got some great moments between Sally and Josh, which have felt few and far between, and the cold truth that the entire supernatural world rests on his shoulders. The only part of Josh's story that I didn't care for was the vampires feeding on Pete, but that's mostly because I started to like the hippie wolf. At least it's bound to cause even more friction between Josh, Nora, and Aidan.

As for Aidan, I'm growing tired of all of the flashbacks even though they do shed some more light on his character. I guess I just don't care about his old life at the expense of his current one. Also, I'm not quite sure I understand his whole blackout episodes just yet, but I'm sure they'll all make sense sooner or later. Honestly though, he's far more interesting when he's fighting off Liam than dealing with old ghosts.

I cannot say that I loved "Rot" because of some of the slower parts, but I'll gladly accept any episode that gives us good scenes between the roommates, and the Josh/Sally ones were top notch this time around.


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