March 22, 2013

Quick Thoughts: COMMUNITY, "Economics of Marine Biology"

"Economics of Marine Biology" may not have resembled one of Community's "high-concept" episodes, but it was a decent enough outing that reminded me of the show's roots.

Now, I didn't love the main plot about the dean and Annie trying to land the slacker son of a rich guy because Pelton's right up there with Chang on my list of Community characters I could do without, but Britta's outrage made the whole thing tolerable. By far the highlight was Jeff's warming up to Pierce even though I'm bored with all of the daddy issues. Troy and Shirley's adventure in P.E.E. was harmless and it had its moments, as did Abed's fraternity running gag.

This one may not have been Community at its "best" but it was the show at its least off-putting which is fine by me.


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