March 22, 2013

Episode Review: GLEE, "Guilty Pleasures"

This week, Glee pushed the pause button on the Will/Emma/Finn drama and allowed the other characters indulge in their guiltiest of pleasures in an episode that was one of the better outings of the latter half of Season 4 but still paled in comparison to earlier attempts.

In Lima, Will's out sick so Blaine and Sam came up with "guilty pleasures" week as an assignment so the gleeks could open up to one another and build bonds before Regionals. It was also a way for Kitty to do some image rehabilitation by letting her guard down for a brief moment. For some reason we also got a lecture on Chris Brown, but that unpleasantness was counterbalanced with a great Blam storyline that allowed Blaine to open up about his feelings to Sam who was totally OK with them.

Meanwhile, Santana continued on her mission to open up Rachel's eyes about Brody but Kurt wanted to keep a lid on the truth since Miss Berry had so much on her plate. And for some reason he had a creepy sex doll which was only a chest and an arm. Of course, Santana couldn't keep her mouth shut for very long and she spilled the beans, which led to the break-up of Rachel and Brody.

I'm sure readers are getting tired of me complaining about NYC because I'm tired of harping on it, but the entire Rachel/Brody/Santana debacle was boring and it dragged the episode down a few pegs. I just do not care about these characters anymore or about their adventures in the big city, and it's too bad that we're probably in store for more of these tone deaf plotlines if Glee continues on for another season. After everything I've put up with, that would probably be the final straw.

On the flipside, I got a kick out of the Lima stuff (except for the unnecessary Chris Brown debate) mostly because it centered around a relationship that I do care about: Blaine and Sam. Pairing these two up was by far the best development of Season 4, and I'm glad that we got more of it as the year winds down. Plus, we got another episode of "Fondue for Two" which finally took a step towards humanizing Kitty. Fun stuff all around.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • I love it that Sam's a pasta art savant.
  • Sam called out Tina for vapo-raping Blaine! Nice!
  • Has Glee ever done a pure '80s pop episode yet that wasn't dedicated to one artist?
  • Sam coming out of the Fanilow closet was some of the best stuff this show's done this season.
  • Blaine should always play the piano while singing.
  • I wish Jake stuck to his guns and sang Chris Brown or was at least aware of the fact that Bobby Brown was just as bad.
  • What was with the random Small Wonder shout-out?
  • The breath mint gag was the biggest laugh of the season.
  • At least it wasn't as out of nowhere as "Mamma Mia."
  • Musical Highlights: "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" and "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)"
  • "You shut your mouth!"
"Guilty Pleasures" may not have been the best episode of the season, but it was mostly fun and entertaining and sometimes that's enough. Count it.


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