March 27, 2013

Quick Thoughts: GO ON, "Matchup Problems"

You'd think that a Ryan and Anne heavy episode would be a slam dunk, but "Matchup Problems" didn't gel enough for me.

Maybe I just have to admit that I do not find Courteney Cox funny because she added next to nothing as Talia. I guess it was nice to see Monica and Chandler on the same screen again, but whatever chemistry they had on Friends was absent this time around. You could've placed any other actress in that role and it would've played the same. Pretty disappointing.

Yolanda's B-plot was just odd, and even Lauren couldn't save it. It's been pretty clear that Lauren and the guy from Perfect Couples were doomed, so her flirting with some random dude via webcam had zero impact. That said, I'm glad that she's in to Asian guys because that's combination you rarely see on television nowadays. Go Team Lauren... or is it Team Steven.

So, "Matchup Problems" was a swing and a miss, but you can't blame them for stunt casting. Hopefully it'll work better the next time they try it.


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