March 27, 2013

Quick Thoughts: NEW GIRL, "Chicago"

There was a lot to like about "Chicago," but there were also a few hiccups that kept me from loving this episode.

Good stuff first, I pretty much loved everything that involved Nick deal with the death of his father and how Jess tried to be there for him. Admittedly, it felt like it was too soon for Jess to help Nick handle his grief but it all worked because of the right combo of silly and sweet. Add Mags Bennett, and it's golden.

On the other hand, I could've done without most of the Schmidt and Winston nonsense. To be fair, I didn't mind Winston especially when he lost it during the funeral, but Schmidt's become so cartoonish over the last couple of episodes that he's more insufferable than usual. Oddly enough though, I would've liked their subplot more if Winston was the one scared of death because it would have at least been some sort of character development, but Max Greenfield needed all of the physical comedy bits so he was tapped.

From a Nick and Jess standpoint, "Chicago" was great and one of my favorite episodes, but it also had too much Schmidt-iness at the same time. So close.


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