May 28, 2013

Quick Thoughts: THE VOICE, "Top 8 Perform Live"

I'll be honest, I missed the first half of last night's episode and had to catch up after the fact, so this write-up may not be as comprehensive as I would've liked. Regardless, here we go.

8. The Swon Brothers (Team Blake): "Seven Bridges Road" by Eagles
I don't think the Swons did bad per se, but they were the weakest of the bunch and their duo routine's bound to run out of steam.

7. Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake): "Grandpa" by The Judds
Much like last week, I thought Danielle did a fine job but I'm done with her "country starlet singing old school songs" bit. Again, I have a feeling Blake's more to blame (she is the savoir of country music) but she needs to shake things up and fast.

6. Sasha Allen (Team Shakira): "Without You" by David Guetta
I'm probably going to sound like a broken record because there weren't any bad performances, but some were not as strong as others. I'd say Sasha's falls into that definition.

5. Judith Hill (Team Adam): "#thatPower" by
Again, good but it didn't blow me out of the water, but that might have more to do with the fact that  didn't know this song before last night.

4. Amber Carrington (Team Adam): "Skyfall" by Adele
At least Amber recognized that singing any Adele song's a challenge, but she did a good enough job with it.

3. Holly Tucker (Team Blake): "Done." by The Band Perry
I probably should have ranked Holly higher because her performance was fun but song indifference's probably keeping me from doing so. She's still my favorite contestant left though, so there's that.

2. Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher): "Grenade" by Bruno Mars
The reason's Michelle's ranked so high has to do with the fact that she made me like a Bruno Mars song, which is a damn miracle.

1. Sarah Simmons (Team Adam): "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Goyte
I think I prefer Sarah's version over the original, so it was easy to have her on top two weeks in a row. I just don't know if she has enough umph to overtake the leaders at this point.

My Power Rankings
8. The Swon Brothers (Team Blake) - LW: 8
7. Sarah Simmons (Team Adam) - LW: 7
6. Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher) - LW: 6
5. Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake) - LW: 2
4. Amber Carrington (Team Adam) - LW: 5
3. Sasha Allen (Team Shakira) - LW: 4
2. Holly Tucker (Team Blake) - LW: 3
1. Judith Hill (Team Adam) - LW: 1

As you can see, I think that the Swons and Sarah's time is up which is shame because I think she's been one of the few breakouts, but she was slower out of the gate compared to everyone else. That said, I don't know anything and I wouldn't be shocked if she sticks around and one of the favorites goes home. We'll just have to wait and see.


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