May 21, 2013

Quick Thoughts: THE VOICE, "Top 10 Perform Live"

Even though I'm kind of apathetic towards this season of The Voice due to the fact that the front runners are too similar and I haven't found someone to root for, I'm sticking with it and am still committed to putting together these meaningless write-ups for the sake of fun. Without further ado, here are my completely arbitrary and uninformed rankings for this week's episode.

10. Josiah Hawley (Team Usher): "Clocks" by Coldplay
It's hard not to agree with Shakira about how Coldplay has such a signature sound and Josiah's version couldn't compare. Sure, that's probably unfair but it was underwhelming at best. That said, I kind of hope Josiah survives because I think his good looks are doing him a disservice because he's a pretty face without a lot of talent, and I want him to succeed in spite of that. He won't, but still.

9. Kris Thomas (Team Shakira): "Adorn" by Miguel
Again, I have to agree with the coaches who pointed out that Kris was too much in his head to put on a decent performance. He sounded good, but his movements were so awkward that they were distracting. Now, I'm not saying that I could pull something like that off, but I'm also not competing on The Voice.

8. Amber Carrington (Team Adam): "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson
The entire time I was watching this performance I couldn't help but think how it fell short of the original. Admittedly  that's not really fair to Amber because her voice doesn't have the characteristics of Kelly's, but she didn't even try to make it her own so it came off as very karaoke to me. Not one of Amber's best outings.

7. The Swon Brothers (Team Blake): "How Country Feels" by Randy Houser
To be honest, I didn't have any issues with the Swon's performance. There were just better ones that happened throughout the night. I think they did enough to keep themselves safe, but I do wonder how much time they have left.

6. Sasha Allen (Team Shakira): "Next to Me" by Emeli Sandé
Much like the Swons, I thought that Sasha did a fine job but there were others who did a better job. I still have her as one of the strongest contestants left and could see her go far in the competition, but she couldn't compare with the best of the rest.

5. Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake): "Heads Carolina, Tails California" by Jo Dee Messina
I should probably have Danielle ranked a bit higher because she was good last night, but I'm getting a little tired of her country tween routine. I get that's her strength, and it's clear that's how Blake wants to market her, but she needs to do something a little bit different to keep me on board.

4. Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher): "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink
I don't think this was Michelle's best performance, but there were enough entertaining moments to impress me. She probably shouldn't be higher than Danielle or Sasha, but I'm still digging her vibe and she's definitely talented, so why not give her some credit.

3. Holly Tucker (Team Blake): "How Great Art Thou"
For the record, Holly Tucker's probably my favorite at this point and could be a dark horse who could win it all, but her turn at gospel was really good but it didn't really stand out. Yes, it allowed her to show off her skills and pipes, but the song itself wasn't impactful enough and she didn't show us anything that felt new or fresh.

2. Judith Hill (Team Adam): "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson
Doing Michael's always a risky move, but Judith did enough to make the song her own while paying homage to one of the biggest influences in her life. I could've done without the sob story behind it all, but she's coming into her own and isn't riding Michael's coattails. I guess I'm glad she addressed the issue, but it's time to move on now.

1. Sarah Simmons (Team Adam): "Mamma Knows Best" by Jessie J
I like Sarah because she might be the most versatile artist left. She's great when she rocks out and this was a good song choice for her, but you can tell that there's so much more she can give, and I cannot wait to see her put it all out there. I don't know if she has enough juice to win it, but I will not be shocked if she ends up in the top four.

My Power Rankings
10. Josiah Hawley (Team Usher) - LW: 10
9. Kris Thomas (Team Shakira) - LW: 7
8. The Swon Brothers (Team Blake) - LW: 11
7. Sarah Simmons (Team Adam) - LW: 7
6. Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher) - LW: 6
5. Amber Carrington (Team Adam) - LW: 3
4. Sasha Allen (Team Shakira) - LW: 5
3. Holly Tucker (Team Blake) - LW: 4
2. Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake) - LW: 2
1. Judith Hill (Team Adam): LW - 1

No witty conclusion this week. I hope you enjoyed reading.


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