March 4, 2014

Episode Review: JUSTIFIED, "Whistle Past the Graveyard"

Apologies for another abbreviated recap for "Whistle Past the Graveyard."

Raylan spent most of the episode with Wendy as they searched for Kendal who ended up in the wake of the wake of an estranged family member, Boyd and his crew tried to get their way back into the States with a truck full of drugs and dead bodies, and Ava made her moves to get said drugs into the prison.

I've been pretty about my indifference towards the Crowders and Crowes this season, but I have to admit that Daryl and his kin have been exponential more interesting once they aligned themselves with Boyd, and their adventure in Mexico had a good mix of tension and comedy. It's just too bad that I still don't care about what happens to the heroin or how it will affect Ava.

As always, I was more interested in what Raylan got himself into, and his side adventure to find Kendal was a decent enough distraction but that was probably due to the chemistry between Timothy Olyphant and Alicia Whitt, and the appearance of Kyle Bornheimer. I don't know if the plot twist about Kendal's parents will payoff, but it's clear that it'll be a factor in the Raylan/Wendy hook-up that's been coming especially now that Alison's out of the picture.

I cannot say that "Whistle Past the Graveyard" was a solid hour of Justified, but there were enough pieces that entertained me, so there's that. I'm just getting antsy for the inevitable showdown between Raylan, Boyd, and the Crowes, so any wheel-spinning can be hard to sit through and it did feel like there was some stalling this time around.


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