March 12, 2014

Episode Review: JUSTIFIED, "Wrong Roads"

While there were some things I liked about "Wrong Roads," it ultimately felt busy and continued to keep the season from making any real progress.

Boyd was back in Kentucky and his boys had to get the heroin back to Harlan while he had to put up with Daryl's power play. On top of that, he was summoned to kill a man in order to sure up Ava's protection/drug business. Oh, and Raylan was on Boyd's trail after files containing Hot Rod's dead men came into his possession. But that wasn't it because the brothers who turned on Hot Rod were also gunning for what was rightfully theirs, so we ended up with a massive cluster at Audrey's. When it was all said and done at least six people were killed or injured and that was about it.

Wynn Duffy summed things up nicely when he told Picker to rest up because Harlan County's exhausting; that's exactly how I felt after watching this episode. Boyd's attempt to become a drug kingpin seems to be going around in circles and getting more and more complicated as players are constantly being added but things really don't go anywhere. Thankfully, we got Raylan's brief team-up with Agent Alex Miller but even that felt like a small detour on the road to nowhere. And yes, I still don't give a crap about Ava.

The whole Raylan Givens: The Brave and the Bold subplot had its moments, and I'm always in favor of getting more Wynn, but everything surrounding them came off as muddled and wasteful. All-in-all, "Wrong Roads" was another weak offering in a somewhat disappointing season of Justified.


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