April 11, 2013

Episode Review: GLEE, "Shooting Star"

Gah! I know that Glee can be extremely frustrating due to its inconsistencies, but "Shooting Star" was the first episode that I thought was truly stupid but still had things I liked that kept me from hating it all together.

Brittany had another end-of-the-world freak out which led to the week's lesson: last chances. This allowed Brit the opportunity to come clean to Lord Tubbington, Sam to express his feelings for her, Becky to confront her fears about leaving McKinley, Ryder to gain the nerve to seek out Katie, and Beiste to admit that she wanted to be with Will so she wouldn't be alone. When the world didn't end, it looked like everything was going to be fine until gun shots rang out. Naturally, everyone was freaked out but ultimately OK, and it was a reminder to be thankful for what you have.

The ordeal was caused by Sue, who was cleaning the gun she brought to school for protection, but Figgins had no choice but to let her go. Will wasn't buying Sue's story, and it turned out that Becky was the one who had the gun and it went off by accident. Since Sue wasn't going to let her favorite student be expelled, she took the fall.

Up until the gunfire, I was not feeling this episode at all. Brittany's shtick has run its course, and I didn't find anything she did amusing in the slightest, but I was thankful that we got some sweetness between her and Sam. The whole catfishing thing wasn't even interesting when it happened to Manti Te'o, so I could've cared less that it was happening to Ryder, although I am curious to see who's behind it all. Then everything changed when the gun went off.

The sequence that took place in the choir room, the girl's bathroom, and outside by the school buses was probably the most riveting thing Glee's ever put together. While I never once thought that anyone major was in serious danger, I was still on the edge of my seat as the metronome ticked away. And the moment when Will called out Brittany's name made my heart stop. So good. It's just a shame that the episode couldn't keep the momentum going.

Instead of having a serious look at school violence, Sue was tapped as the patsy, and it turned into a tone deaf debate about armed teachers in classrooms. It shouldn't surprise me that a Ryan Murphy show would take any opportunity to jump on a soapbox, but the message didn't land because I was too busy thinking about how interesting the alternate version of the episode would've been. Granted, having Sue take the fall for Becky was a nice twist, but pinning such an important storyline on a relatively marginal character didn't quite work. Honestly, it all would've been more effective if some random person was behind it all, and it mirrored the real issues in our schools instead of having a scared and confused Becky bring a gun for no logical reason. Such potential once again wasted by Glee.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • Brad's back!
  • I liked Marissa. I hope we see her again.
  • Having the band react to Ryder being catfished was odd even by Glee's standards.
  • I HATED the dinner scene between Beiste and Will because it was so cringe-worthy and unnecessary.
  • Silliness involving fat cats aside, this was a strong episode for both Heather Morris and Chord Overstreet.
  • Musical Highlight: "Say"
Leave it Glee to mess up a hot-topic episode while still having enough good moments to keep me from completely writing the whole thing off.


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